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Think Green Solutions

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    Bio-Based Material Solutions

    Peel Plastics has partnered with Braskem to offer a replacement to the traditional polyethylene sealant layer with one whose feedstock comes from sugarcane. This sustainable solution meets the same high standards in appearance, quality and shelf life of your current mixed lamination solutions while reducing your environmental footprint.

    plant pouch

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    Recyclable Packaging Solutions

    Peel Plastics' commitment to innovation and to the delivery of future-focused solutions have converged to produce our new fully recyclable portfolio of pouches.

    Our portfolio of recyclable pouches offers the same great features, formats, durability and quality of our mixed-material pouches.

    This new recyclable pouch portfolio represents a significant step in the development of packaging solutions that will contribute to a better and brighter future.

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    PCR Material Solutions

    Peel Plastics’ commitment to support the circular economy has expanded to include pouch solutions which contain post-consumer recycled (PCR) feedstock. Our PCR solutions are available in a number of formats with a wide variety of features, and is also approved for direct food contact. PCR materials are a great option in supporting your sustainability goals and maintain peace of mind that your pouch solution will protect your product.

    p c r pouch