Velcro Companies Sees Continued Adoption of Fastener Across Consumer Product Categories

BOSTON, Sept. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Velcro Companies today announced that Wagner's – one of the largest and oldest wild bird food manufacturers in America – now features VELCRO®  Brand PRESS-LOK®  closures on select packaging. The tactile, audible, easy-to- use re-closure is ideal for wild bird food and other granular products as it immediately assures customers that the package is securely closed and the contents are contained.

VELCRO®  Brand's PRESS-LOK®  solution is integrated into several of Wagner's most popular offerings including its Greatest Variety, Nyjer Seed, Cardinal Blend, Songbird Supreme, Safflower and Mealworms stand-up pouch bags.

"Wagner's is known for first-to- market innovations throughout its 120 year history so it was a natural step for us to be the first wild bird food brand to adopt this innovative closure for our packaging," said Don Corr, Senior Vice President, Wagner's. "Our customers value quality and the new closures on our products communicate our commitment to quality that we infuse into our product design and manufacturing."

"PRESS-LOK®  closures create distinction for consumers who have dozens of brand choices in each product category," saidJurjen Jacobs, Vice-President of Marketing and Innovation, Velcro Companies. "We developed the closure for today's fast-growing flexible packaging market, and are pleased to partner with Wagner's."

The PRESS-LOK®  hook-to- hook fastener is an exclusive solution that allows consumers to fasten without the need for tedious and precise line-up associated with typical press-to- seal zipper bags. Wagner's worked with manufacturer Peel Plastic Products Ltd. of Brampton, Ontario, a leader in flexible packaging and process innovation, to incorporate the PRESS-LOK® closure into the Wagner's stand-up bag design.

Based on initial, positive market reaction to the packaging, Wagner's is implementing the PRESS-LOK®  closure into additional products early next year.

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