Peel Plastics has taken the ubiquitous fitment pouch and completely overhauled it. While maintaining the ability to ship flat, to reduce material usage and to reduce warehousing costs, our new format exhibits as an eye-catching centrepiece.

Brand owners are no longer restricted to using pails, jugs and bottles to contain their liquids and granules. From detergents, to fertilizers to any kind of pourable, our new Rigidless Pouch is a patent pending innovation to help take consumer products to the next level. As a customizable chassis, Rigidless allows brand owners to take ownership of their pouch size, shape, design, closure or fitment while minimising time to market and sharpening that competitive edge.

For several years, Peel Plastics has been making FlexiSpout pouches for a variety of customers and applications. It is a novel product, being able to offer similar features to a bottle, while significantly reducing the amount of plastic used, and offering the ability to ship flat and generate freight savings. Two skids could hold 10-12,000 empty FlexiSpout pouches, whereas the same footprint could only hold 600-650 similarly sized bottles. A twentyfold savings in warehouse space is a big deal, but let’s be honest, fitment pouches lacked a bit of panache.